Image Technology Enterprises

Digambar, 30/3, Erandavane,
Near Mehendale Garage,
Pune 411 029, INDIA.
Tel.: 91 20 2543 4587
Principal Mfq :

“Always Something New” is the slogan of our research and development group. Image introduces minimum one new product every year. We also strive to better the existing product by carrying out in-house techno economic audits.

We are proud that our team puts together experience and knowledge representing Chemical Research, Printing Technology, Management, Computer Science and Human Resource Development. Dedicated team efforts have put everyone and the company on the growth path. Coupled with professional competence, love for nature and ecology conservation is matter of Image culture. Our factory campus and surroundings are lush green; as a result we have the pleasant company of variety of singing birds and colorful butterflies.

At Image-Cadmosil we sincerely believe that every small human effort to save conventional power & fuel goes a long way is minimizing global warming. We have developed techniques to use small equipments using natural gas and solar energy to save electricity or diesel in substantial way. Our efforts have reduced our dependence on conventional energy by 20% in past two years.

Professional qualification in business management, chemical technology, and computer science with decades of research of manufacturing experience has made Team Image effective and a reliable partner to hundreds of friends in industry and trade in India and Abroad. Our global business network is now spread over 4 continents.

With wide networks of experienced channel partners all over the country, our products are available to actual users without any hassle. Our own transport facility ensures safe & a quick delivery of consignments to every major print centre on desired dates.

Assisting entrepreneurs to develop products through Photo Etching technique has been very exciting for Image technical staff. Be it for PCB industry, Photo Fabrication, Pad printing, Watch Dials we have always kept our doors open for exchange of ideas / lab experiments for customers development projects. Universities, Defence research and even Aerospace have found that Photo Etching is a quick and economical technology in their development efforts.

We have today 3 negative working & 1 positive working Photo Resists. We manufacture a number of accompanying products for effective & economical use. Photo Resists, Thinner, Developer, Dye, Dye Developer (one-step) Rinse, Stop out & Stripper make a complete range of our products.